Mitigate Output Risks With Our Oil & Gas Procurement Software

An interoperable platform for inventory oversight, supplier screening, and ensuring increased productivity.


Operational risks caused by inadequate internal processes or external events pose a high risk to the oil and gas industry. Talk to our experts to know how Verofax can help

Ensure Productivity and Deliver Growth Results

and Traceability




Up To



In-field Training
and Compliance

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Serialization and Traceability



Predictive Maintenance




In-field Training and Compliance




Upgrade operations with interoperable intelligent systems

Prevent Procurement Fraud

Screen suppliers, validate procurement and product supplies with traceability platform.

Optimization Inventory

Improve inventory visibility across the supply chain with interoperable digital product ID.

Preventive Maintenance

Effectively share equipment maintenance logs across contractors and project managers.

Upgrade Staff Capabilities

Increase staff productivity with in-field trainings and leverage a personalized user interface.

Validate Tasks on Interoperable system

Mitigate compliance and security risks with validated supplies and quality audits.

Uphold data security

Share data across stakeholders while maintaining security, privacy and access rights.

Improve Productivity With Procurement Software & Interoperable Blockchain System

Upgrade staff productivity

Administer in-field trainings, ease access to maintenance records and repair logs.

Increase Operational Intelligence

Drive data-based operations with advanced equipment serialization and interactions.

Validate Procurement

Manage operations with real time audit and achieve compliance through validated certificates and authenticity audits.

Upgrade Preventive Maintenance

Mitigate output risks with interoperable data access on operations, inventory & maintenance.

Procurement Software That helps You Gain an Unfair Advantage in Oil and Gas Industry

Quick Returns

Lower costs while improving operational efficiency and achieve quick return on investment.

Fast Deployment

Start your free trial and transform your operations within 60 days and generate instant value.

Interoperable Platform

Make use of interoperable user interfaces for stakeholders across your value chain.

Resilient Supply Chain

A one-stop logistics asset management and tracking solution to achieve oversight on your product inventories across suppliers, channels, and end-users.

Secure Data

Guarantee your data security on enterprise-grade multi-tenant cloud from leading providers.

GDPR Compliant

Our logistics solution is Blockchain-based that applies data-compliant policies for maintaining customers’ privacy.

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“Shoppers preference is shifting towards brands that adopt values such as sustainability, environmentally friendly and community engagement. Auri and Verofax share these core values and have teamed up to provide consumers with a seamless application to validate brand claims and increase direct engagement.”

Kristy Yong, Executive Director of Auri