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Elevate your business with traceability, validation and automation solutions

Verofax offers productivity & customer intimacy solutions, by turning products

Become an industry pioneer by leading on sustainability, harnessing data analytics, and increasing efficiency across operations on an interoperable platform.

Become an industry pioneer by leading on sustainability, harnessing data analytics, and increasing efficiency across operations on an interoperable platform.

Meet your business objectives, with efficiency,
resilience, responsiveness, and sustainability

Retail Tech Solutions

87% of customers that leave stores do so owing to long queues.
Automate checkouts to deliver seamless shopping experiences.
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Consumer Goods

75% of buyers prefer brands that personalize the purchase experience.
Enhance consumer engagement with personalized recommendations, promotions and product attribute validation.
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46% of customers want validated sustainable credentials.
Enable sustainable rating and credentials validation for your products.
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69% of companies do not have total visibility on their supply chain.
Reduce inventory lost by up to 6% with item level traceability and adherence to FIFO replenishment. Optimize range availability with smart merchandising and automate promotions on near expiry products. Improve warehouse management with in-app inventory delivery receipts.
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Solution that delivers
growth results


premium upselling


reduced cost in logistics


staff productivity


access to global markets

Bring your products to life, reach direct to consumers
and win mindshare with validated traceability

Harness Insights and Preferences

Win customer mindshare with real-time insights and feedback. Bring your products to life and enable direct marketing that match preferences.

Personalize Consumer Experiences

Increase customer satisfaction with personal recommendations, based on predictive analytics. Create unmatched experiences with an augmented reality interface.

Elevate Consumer Engagement

Create meaningful relationships with gamification, social interactions and incent consumers’ return to your online store.

Quick Returns

Lower costs while improving operational efficiency and achieve quick return on investment.

Fast Deployment

Start your free trial and transform your operations within 60 days and generate instant value.

Interoperable Platform

Make use of interoperable user interfaces for stakeholders across your value chain.

Consumer Goods in the Digital Age:
Five levers of success for building consumer-driven brands

Champion sustainability and elevate the consumer
experience by empowering them to validate change

Lead on Sustainability & Purpose

Upsell your sustainable product range and empower consumers to validate. Screen your suppliers and offer sustainable choices, rated to international standards.

Augment Staff Capabilities

Boost staff productivity with store data analytics and field training. Reduce operational costs and manage inventory with intelligent merchandizing.

Turn Customers into Sales Channels

Promote direct-to-consumer sales, by activating brand ambassadors and referral programs.

Resilient Supply Chain

Achieve oversight on your product inventories across suppliers, channels and end users.

Secure Data

Guarantee your data security on enterprise-grade multi-tenant cloud from leading providers.

GDPR Compliant

Verofax is a Blockchain-based data management solution that applies data compliant policies, for maintaining customers’ privacy.

Reinventing Retail Unlocking the power of shopper insights & experience

Verofax sustainable lifecycle tracing promotes sustainable
brands and empowers consumers to research and validate

Power Sustainable Sorting:

Offer consumers green choices & sort by

Reinforce global trust:

Build trust in global trade through
democratizing validation of credentials.

Harness consumer insights:

Upsell validated sustainable product range and
win consumer mindshare.

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Azure Sustainable tracing validation

Assess Suppliers

Screen suppliers, define sustainability requirements and access validated certificates

Manage Sorting

Access sustainability dashboard and maintain sorting based on industry ratings

Engage Consumers

Empower consumers to choose green and build loyalty.

Invest in Traceability

Augment productivity with automation & validation Verofax is an asset digitization platform that empowers businesses to boost productivity and engage consumers.

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