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Helping businesses grow their revenue by enhancing the way customers interact with their products using personalized immersive experiences. 

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Leap 2024

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Turn Your Product Into Your Best Marketing Channel

Meet us at Leap 2024, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to explore how Verofax’s groundbreaking technologies are reshaping multiple industries with the common principles of AI and connecting technologies.  

Discover ready-to-ship, essential solutions for your industry with hands-on demonstrations and expert thought leaders. 

We hope to see you there.

brand retail

Solutions Transforming



By embedding AI into retail operations, we provide businesses with real-time insights to navigate the shifting landscape of customer expectations.
Leveraging augmented reality, we create immersive and intelligent experiences that drive sales and forge loyalty-earning memories.
Join us and learn how to increase your promotional conversion rates and lower your cost of customer acquisition over 20-fold.

Consumer Packaged Goods


We offer AI-powered insights to enhance demand forecasting, optimize pricing, and stay ahead of customer needs.
Our D2C touchpoints, directly integrated into products in-store, enable powerful customer connections and high-conversion rewards promotions.
Leveraging augmented reality, we craft hyperimmersive brand experiences that drive purchases, create memorable interactions, and secure enduring loyalty.


Gitex Sustainability

Navigating the sustainability landscape, we help industries seamlessly comply with CBAM regulations, avoiding potential price hikes and embracing a sustainable ethos.
Our expertise ensures your materials align with top environmental standards in the booming $376.7 billion recycling sector, backed by Verofax's validation solutions.
Lastly, dive into the $15.4 billion carbon offset market with us and engage consumers with frictionless access to offset participation. With 66% of consumers favoring sustainable brands, Verofax positions you at the forefront, enabling meaningful carbon offset initiatives and fostering consumer loyalty.

Supply chains

Supply chain

For both Pharmaceutical and Oil & Gas supply chains, our unified AI-driven visibility tools streamline operations, mitigate disruptions, and ensure compliance with upcoming track and trace regulations.
Our end-to-end dynamic QR codes foster seamless connections, from supply chain stakeholders to end-consumers. Centralize your operations on our singular platform, facilitating efficient communication and rewarding consumer interactions.
Benefit from our technical prowess with a setup time of 120 days or less, compatible across all ERP systems.

Meet the Team

Wassim Merheby

Wassim Merheby - CEO, Co-founder

Wassim, our CEO, is the visionary leader connecting all the dots. Always at the forefront of innovation, he is excited to network and share insights at web summit 2023.

Melissa Abou Haider - Head of Retail Solutions

Melissa is excited to showcase how AI, AR, and MR technologies can create frictionless and highly personalized experiences. Get ready for a retail transformation!

Majd Elchoum - Country Head of Operations

A seasoned professional with a deep understanding of the local market and a passion for AI/AR technologies, he is dedicated to taking marketing in Saudi Arabia to new heights.
Nisreen Shadad

Nisreen Shadad - Head of Sustainability

Nisreen is our woman on a mission. She helps companies aggregate data for reporting and compliance, plus engage customers with low-friction offset options. Sustainable empowerment from end-to-end!
Fatima profile

Sayeda Fatima - Head of Traceability

Fatima is all about our all-in-one solution for supply chain track & trace with a special focus on compliance and counterfeit prevention. She’ll make sure you’re greenlit and optimized for the next era

Rhea Sherring - Head of Consumer Good Solutions

Rhea is here to demonstrate how products themselves can become your greatest Marketing Channel. Prepare to regain control of your promotion in multi brand stores.

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We invite you to immerse yourself in the future of technology. Join us at Leap 2024 for an exclusive live VR demo at our stand, showcasing the transformative power of Verofax’s solutions.

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Leap 2024

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This is your moment to witness Verofax’s revolutionary solutions in action. Don’t hesitate—book a live demo at the Leap 2024 event or secure your complimentary ticket today to reserve your spot!