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EU Carbon Border: Strategies for Exporters to Transition from Pain to Profit

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In CBAM-regulated sectors like cement, iron and steel, aluminium, fertilisers, electricity and hydrogen challenges such as emission tracking complexities and supply chain opacity persist. Verofax is the essential solution, automating precision in emission calculations and providing transparency to multi-tiered supply chains.

Our digital passporting ensures compliance at every stage, addressing pain points and empowering industries to navigate CBAM regulations seamlessly.


Solutions Transforming


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Compliance & Validated multi-tier supply chain

Verofax's digital passport and traceability bring transparency to multi-tiered supply chains, ensuring accurate emission validation.

Iron & Steel

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Streamlined Traceability

Verofax streamlines traceability, offering a solution that enhances operational efficiency and ensures compliance across the iron and steel industry.


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Transparent Supply Chains circularity

Verofax provides a digital passport system that ensures transparency in Aluminum consumption by preventing double counting and guaranteeing compliance


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Efficient Emission reporting & Management

Increase selling price of low-emission: rPET & Alumimum price premium of 20-50%

Meet the Team

Wassim Merheby

Wassim Merheby - CEO

Wassim, our CEO, is the visionary leader connecting all the dots. Always at the forefront of innovation, he is excited to network and share insights at web summit 2023.
Nisreen Shadad

Nisreen Shadad - Head of Sustainability

Nisreen is our woman on a mission. She helps companies aggregate data for reporting and compliance, plus engage customers with low-friction offset options. Sustainable empowerment from end-to-end!

Rhea Sherring - Head of Consumer Good Solutions

Rhea is here to demonstrate how products themselves can become your greatest Marketing Channel. Prepare to regain control of your promotion in multi brand stores.

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Experience Our Demo & Win a $35K Pilot

Big5 Global

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