digital tax stamp

Unlocking the Future of Taxation: The Rise of Digital Tax Stamps

In an increasingly digital world, innovative technologies are revolutionizing traditional methods of tax collection and enforcement. One such technology gaining prominence is the Digital Tax Stamp—a powerful tool with the potential to transform tax administration, combat counterfeiting, and secure revenue streams for governments worldwide. What is a Digital Tax Stamp? A Digital Tax Stamp is […]


Verofax is among the Top UAE Future100 to Positively Impact the Nation’s Future Economy!

Verofax, a leading compliance and commerce SaaS solution provider, has earned distinction as one of the top Future100 pioneering startups, selected by the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of State for Government Development and the Future. This recognition underscores Verofax’s pivotal role in contributing positively to the UAE’s economy and enhancing its preparedness for […]

Verofax is selected by PwC Middle East among Top Future50 climatech start-up

Verofax a compliance and commerce SaaS solution provider has been selected among the top Future50 climate tech start-ups by PwC Middle East to help enterprises’ accelerate on their path to Net Zero. PWC had scoured the region and short-listed from 500 businesses across 11 impact categories. Verofax was selected among top 6 Climate Change Management […]

Verofax Wins at Emirates Global Aluminum Ramp-Up Programme 2023

Verofax, an award-winning product validation and traceability solution provider, is thrilled to announce its selection as one of the top three winners of the Emirates Global Aluminum (EGA) Ramp-Up Programme. The programme attracted over 600 startups from around the globe, all vying for a chance to make a significant impact in the indust About the […]

Verofax wins GITEX Supernova Web3 & Blockchain Award 2023

Verofax, an innovator in Brand & Retail solutions, was selected among 521 startups globally as the best solution offering for Web3 & Blockchain, at the GITEX 2023 Expo,  Supernova Challenge in Dubai. Verofax, a UAE-based startup and service provider for turning shopping & products interactive, has emerged as the winner of the 2023 Supernova Challenge […]

Welcome, Mr. Hiren Patel: Unleashing Leadership Excellence

At Verofax, we are immensely honored and delighted to extend a warm and enthusiastic welcome to Mr. Hiren Patel, a visionary leader of unparalleled excellence, to our esteemed family. With an extraordinary wealth of knowledge and a resolute commitment to driving positive change, Mr. Patel’s presence within our ranks is nothing short of a profound […]

Navigating the New Retail Landscape with AI-Powered, AR-Viewed Shopping Assistants

In the ever-shifting panorama of retail, the kaleidoscope has turned once again. It’s no longer just about swiping on a screen or even hands-free voice commands. Today, the retail world is being revolutionized by a concept that sounds like it’s straight out of a sci-fi flick: AI-powered shopping assistants viewed through Augmented Reality (AR). Let’s […]

Unified Retail Commerce Explained

Retail commerce: Imagine shopping online, finding a product you like, and then deciding to pick it up in-store. Upon arriving, the store knows exactly what you want, and they even suggest accessories based on your purchase history. You complete your transaction with a simple scan of your phone. This seamless integration of online and offline […]

AWS Approves And Lists Verofax Martech Solution For Brands & Retail On Global Marketplace

AWS Approves And Lists Verofax Martech Solution For Brands & Retail On Global Marketplace Verofax, an award-winning Brand & Retail Martech service provider, achieved Full Technical Review (FTR) approval on Amazon Web Services (AWS) marketplace. Verofax services are now available for direct acquisition by retail and for global brands, leveraging the unparalleled capabilities of AWS. […]

France’s new fashion legislation and why it’s important

Textile and fashion brands did not always disclose their supply chain information. In fact, before the 90s, they considered this sensitive information and guarded it closely to conserve competitive advantage. However, in the late 90s and early 2000s, US college students formed the United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS) network and campaigned for universities to include […]