Verofax bridges gap between brands and consumers with Martech tool on Azure


Verofax, a Martech solution company from the United Arab Emirates, specializes in transforming how brands connect and nurture direct engagement with customers with product twinning, create immersive experiences and virtual assets rewards direct-to-consumer. Verofax is built on Azure-powered technology to tag items and direct consumers into immersive digital experiences and offer virtual assets as rewards to boost customer long term value (CLTV). Fortune 500 beverage brands had applied the solution offering to give consumers a chance to win tickets to the FIFA World Cup by scanning the unique QR code on every product and having their purchase verified to access rewards. The frictionless interaction, led to over a million customers acquired, while lowering acquisition costs 20-fold and increasing conversion rates 50-fold vs under the cap or behind the label consumer promotions.
How can a brand connect directly with its customers, cutting out the advertising middlemen, and offer rewards to build loyalty? Wassim Merheby, CEO of Verofax, believes that this is now easy with the application of their digital ID technology on primary packaging for engaging consumers with long-term incentives. “We create a digital identity per asset, like a non-fungible token (NFT). This makes each product unique and traceable and a weblink to amazing customer experiences” Merheby explains. “The weblink is in effect a unique microsite for every item and enable Brands to turn customer journey immersive and rewarding, for unmatched commercial results.”

Products that sell themselves

Verofax is an enterprise SaaS, powered by Microsoft Azure cloud, to best service top brands globally for driving retention and growth. “Brands used to promote their products with a proof of purchase by hiding a promotional code under the cap and urge consumers to go to a website and claim rewards” continues Merheby. “We took all of that friction away and now empower consumers to scan with the phone camera the product (example opened bottles) and instantly start amazing journey of engagement and long-term value.”

Verofax’s AI-powered and award-winning computer Vision was then used to analyze pictures to prevent promotional leakage. Brands estimate that around 10 percent of promotions usually go to the wrong hands through product tampering at stores. With computer vision and detection rates of over 99.9%, Verofax has helped CPG brands regain promotional integrity.

Over a billion bottle had a digital twin weblink for the World Cup promotion, turning each bottle into a direct marketing tool, converting up to 60 percent of consumers who interacted with the primary packaging and leading to 6X repurchases, real-time customer insights and unmatched loyalty score. From the promotion, Verofax’s customer acquired around a million first party real-time data points on how, when, and where their products were being consumed. “Before, this is a level of information that was never possible to for brands to access in real-time, direct from consumer,” Merheby declares. “By turning the interaction frictionless, we’ve unlocked rich information for the brand, data which they can use without relying on third parties such as walled garden media or sales channel.”

These third parties are typically digital advertisers, which keep consumer data on their own platforms and never share it with Brands. The beverage manufacturer used to pay $22-$45 to these digital advertisers for acquiring each customer on social sites. “We have lowered the cost of acquisition by 20X to about $1,” notes Merheby.

“And by making primary packaging smart and interactive, we have increased the conversion rate by 50 times. What’s more, the beverage company’s net promoter score (NPS) has increased from 30 to 80, which was almost unbelievable.”


By making packaging smart and interactive, we have lowered the cost of acquisition from $22 to $1 and increased the conversion rate by 50 times.

Verofax has used its digital twinning and mixed reality services in other industries like tracing food items to ensure quality and eliminating counterfeit medications to save countless lives. “We enable Ministries of Health to create a platform where they request every supplier to print unique codes on each product, allowing medication to be traced down to the patient,” says Merheby.

Growing with the right partner

Merheby believes that none of this would have been possible without Microsoft’s support. The two partners met at AI Venture Labs where Verofax was participating as a startup. “We were nurtured into the Microsoft ecosystem and welcomed into the Microsoft for Startups program,” recalls Merheby. “We received Azure credits and gained from Go-To-Market benefits, resulting in a faster deployment of our service at scale. Initially, we needed to deploy our solution to 25 countries, each with different strict service level agreements (SLAs). Thanks to Microsoft’s unique capabilities —and availability zones in multiple geographies, the right cloud infrastructure, and scalable systems—we have been able to deploy a very complex and efficient solution.”


Without Microsoft in our corner, we would never have been able to deploy that kind of cloud infrastructure.

“The partnership with Microsoft has opened doors for us, and enabled us to scale fast,” concludes Merheby. “If you’re offering services across the globe, Azure is the ultimate choice in my view, and I feel privileged to be a part of this ecosystem.”


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